The power of stories

✨The power of the stories ✨ I’m so good at inventing stories. I’m so good that I’m doing it all the time whether I’m aware of it or not…there’s a podcast playing in the background of my head?Sometimes the podcast channel discusses interesting topics. Sometimes it’s just crap. It depends on the mood of the […]

Power vs.Force

I come from a country where we, the Chileans, normally have grown up with a very narrow and conditioned view of what power means. Being back in my homeland after four years living abroad, has given me the right distance to widen my perspective of this concept and to observe how we experience it on an individual and […]

Today’s reflection

The most revolutionary act that I can do for my lineage, for humanity, and for myself as I’m equally a part of it, is to find my sense of self-worth outside anything I’ve been taught gives me value such as my career, my status in society, my status in relationships, my achievements, or any goal that […]

Stay ¨safe¨

Today, admiring the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky, I received the news that we are going soon into a more strict lockdown. Not that I didn’t care, but I turned my attention towards a sweet and cozy feeling that came along with this reflection: Primordial safety comes from your faith and trust. It […]

From pain to poetry

Do not blame the child inside of you. Every time that you do, you are doing exactly what society did to you: victim-blaming, abuse, taking advantage of the most vulnerable one. Every time that you judge the voice of your inner child you are following the path of shame instead of the path of compassion, […]

Love over fear

This is a reminder, basically for me. But friends around had told me they found it useful. So here we go… To make a decision, you need to ask yourself: 1. Is this thought-decision-action coming from love or fear? Always choose love, no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ it may feel to breakthrough it. Know that you […]

Pay Attention

Where do you put your energy? Where do you direct your fire? Do you prefer to be right, or to be at peace is your real desire?   Pay attention then Where do you focus your perception in the flaw of your brother? in the imperfection of his argument? and if that’s the case of […]