Today’s reflection

The most revolutionary act that I can do for my lineage, for humanity, and for myself as I’m equally a part of it, is to find my sense of self-worth outside anything I’ve been taught gives me value such as my career, my status in society, my status in relationships, my achievements, or any goal that I’ve learned and incorporated as my own.

I have intrinsic and infinite value because God put me here and I’m a unique fractal of its cosmic play. I’m unconditionally loved in ways I cannot even comprehend with my human limitations, but at least I can have a glimpse if I remain with an open heart and quiet mind.

In times that we are so desperate to get safety from external sources, the most rebellious act of liberation is to get to a point that you don’t depend on anything or anyone to confirm your value, as you have anchored yourself in the most loyal and fulfilling relationship that you are ever going to have: the one with Source

And this is how the system will fall apart, as it relies on us to give it food through our fears, feeding itself from our scared inner child wanting to be loved, wanting to get approval, wanting to be seen… Deeply inside, this is our main longing, it is embedded in our human nature, and whoever runs the matrix knows this pretty well and manipulates us from that place.

The good news is that we don’t have to keep believing in that narrative anymore, we don’t need to conform to the distorted views of what our human lives are/can be. In fact, we can start right now to find our way out of the dream spell. Here and now…in every moment there is a choice to give away your power, or to reclaim it directly from the source. It is not magic that makes the difference, it is just a good amount of presence + faith.

Today I free myself from any of those external impositions because I remember now: I’m just a child of the universe that came here wanting to play. And I’m safe to do so. I find an infinite source of relaxation, acceptance, love, soothing, pleasure, joy, and okayness when I connect with my higher-power parents, who live as much as out there in the sky as they live within in the very center of my heart. Fractals after fractals…

Today I celebrate because I’m not surviving anymore, I’m living now, and just starting to…I feel how every day is getting better because I’m becoming more simple, I’m becoming more compassionate, more accepting, dropping what is getting in the way of my light and lightness so I can finally play with freedom.

Madly in love, I choose my Goddess-self.