Cannot help breaking up with you

I keep closing the door

I keep breaking up with you

Over and over, underscored

Hoping you’ll finally breakthrough

Hear me.


Going around creating a mess

You’ll have to solve your shit first.

Surviving to tell the story

Climbing up from purgatory

It’s time.


It is different now

I live in my own house. I drive my own bike

I don’t do anything I dislike

Strong identity to stand by

See me.


I am my own authority

I make good use of my autonomy

No need to take your power away

I know there is a higher way



Childhood trauma

disguised as drama

Then what?

Keep looking for a shortcut?



Desire to punish. Face it or banish.

But how the hell

I was supposed to tell

If I didn’t know it back then?

Let go.


“Someone that feels like home”

Is that the dream at all?

I dare you to tame me again

You won’t be able, abstain

Just Quit.


Beautiful feelings, nasty thoughts

A mix I don’t want anymore.

We grow in spiral. Messy healing.

There’s nothing more to think



What is yours, what is mine

Just come back to the heart

Pray to reach the source

Don’t ruin it more.



I’m going to be fine

I’m one with the divine

I’m holding my sweet child

Taking care of her diamond heart



You didn’t put me on a pedestal

I live on a mountain. I climbed up my way here

Come join me if you want

But I won’t wait for you this time



Mama watch me thrive

I promise I won’t make you cry

As there’s finally reward, for work well done

Battle is over.

I won.