Pay Attention

Where do you put your energy?

Where do you direct your fire?

Do you prefer to be right,

or to be at peace is your real desire?


Pay attention then

Where do you focus your perception

in the flaw of your brother?

in the imperfection of his argument?

and if that’s the case of your intention

why do you even bother?


Let me tell you

you are free of choosing

that’s your legitimate right

but why would you choose to reproduce more separation,

more fear,

more suffering,

inflicting more pain…

isn’t your ego in the middle of the way?


I prefer to look within

and clear my misperceptions

patiently and lovingly

so I can look at you with the same patience and love


You may be super wrong.

Many times I believe you are,

but I don’t prefer to be right anymore

I prefer to feel the oneness instead

to savor your mirroring, to drop the drama, to feel the joy

that’s the biggest pleasure of all!


I find my highest self when I forgive

when I let go of all my beliefs and just accept what now is

then I feel good, then I feel God

then a sweet voice whispers ´Pay Attention, Love

Just laugh at my biggest joke:

to reach God

you need to learn how to be human…

So don’t ever lose your hope


*Piece created for Auronet (Auroville’s community blog) in October 2020