Vanti and me

Vanti needs to be validated in her full spectrum of emotions. She needs to be reminded with compassion, as often as necessary, that it is okay to feel everything she feels. She needs to know she is loved by an unconditional source.

Vanti needs to feel safe and cuddle a lot. She likes to be caressed as if someone is painting watercolour on her skin with tender fingers and to be touched in her head full of curlers.  She loves tight hugs and soft kisses. 

She likes to laugh with friends, to listen to music that gives her goosebumps, to dance until she feels her arms will come out of her body. Vanti needs to be surrounded by beauty, as this is her essential nature. She likes when things are clean, when the air is pure and when people tell the truth. She likes very sweet lemonades and dark bitter chocolates. Once in a while, she enjoys pumpkin soup if it is raining.

Sometimes she goes out to look at the moon and asks the sky to bring her home. Filling herself with starlight, she transports to another world. I let her. I laugh with her. Every now and then she needs to sleep a lot. When she wakes up, she remembers all the adventures that she lived in her dreams and has endless stories to tell.

Sometimes she needs to cry a lot. There I am to support her, to surrender my will to hers. To look at her deep lagoon eyes. I light a candle for her, I let her crawl and cry her rivers to the ground.  There I am to pick her up, tuck her in, hug her once more.

Vanti is still healing from old wounds, and I’m still learning so much from her.  About innocence, about love, about resilience, about motherhood, about God.

Thank you Vanti for being my greatest teacher.

by Blue Resonant Night