A cruise called Auroville

I’m on a cruise full of passengers. The landlord of the ship wants me to classify all the garbage for the rest of the passengers because I’m the youngest one on board. He says I’m the chosen one and the best one to distinguish between the blue cellophane and the green cellophane. It supposed to be a divine task and I should feel honored to do it. It sounds like a lot of work and pointless to me, but I feel I have no choice because I’m in the middle of the ocean anyway. While I’m doing it I get lost in my thoughts. I mentally complain and think in the stupidity of the plastic market, which has a different way to recycle blue and green colours of the same material. Then I realized that we (the passengers) are the ones buying those things in the first place anyway, and start laughing. Suddenly many ammas and women come towards me. ´They are coming to help me recycling´ I think with some relief, but finally, we throw the plastic out of the bins into the sky and have a cellophane party.
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My core gift is helping others to embrace a grounded spirituality, equally loving our divinity and humanity. I give it by helping people to embody their feelings through different art expressions, beauty and creativity, playing with ideas and words as well as movement practices, proving how intensity is the juice of life, and how compassion is the ingredient that will heal humanity.

Valentina B. Sepulveda is young awarded Chilean filmmaker, writer, and dancer, currently living in India.
She graduated from Film Direction and Social Communication at Universidad Católica de Chile in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a writer, director, and editor of documentaries and experimental films. She also worked as a producer and assistant director in fiction pieces, as a producer in Chilemonos International Animation Film Festival, and as a cinema teacher at the same university where she obtained her degrees, before she left her country to join Auroville International Community. From 2018 until the beginning of 2020, she has worked as a video maker, photographer, and writer for different media units, and from the pandemic onwards she has been exploring different expressions, building up her start-up renaissance company, Ineffable Films Lab from where she plays, experiment and produce projects around movement, dance, poetry, photography and film.