A cruise called Auroville

I’m on a cruise full of passengers. The landlord of the ship wants me to classify all the garbage for the rest of the passengers because I’m the youngest one on board. He says I’m the chosen one and the best one to distinguish between the blue cellophane and the green cellophane. It supposed to be a divine task and I should feel honored to do it. It sounds like a lot of work and pointless to me, but I feel I have no choice because I’m in the middle of the ocean anyway. While I’m doing it I get lost in my thoughts. I mentally complain and think in the stupidity of the plastic market, which has a different way to recycle blue and green colours of the same material. Then I realized that we (the passengers) are the ones buying those things in the first place anyway, and start laughing. Suddenly many ammas and women come towards me. ´They are coming to help me recycling´ I think with some relief, but finally, we throw the plastic out of the bins into the sky and have a cellophane party.