Friends & Whales

Romantic Comedy tone. Chandler and Janice from the sitcom.

Chandler has been feeling nostalgic lately so when Janice appears at his workplace to propose him a day trip to an isolated beach, he accepts. He works in a hospital and he’s in the middle of his duty on covid19 crisis, but Janice will get married and go away forever the very next day, so he has to go with her.
They swim and play naked on the deep blue ocean. They make love. No one is around, but suddenly a huge killer whale and her calf appear jumping and playing very close to them.
I feel scared, I’m worried that the whale will feel invaded and attack them. But it doesn’t happen. I see everything from the top but I’m also inside Chandler and know how he feels. Janice is a mystery to me though. I don’t trust her; she’s playing with Chandler’s heart. Back in the hospital, the facility has been shut to the public. “Sanitary emergency”, a guard on the entrance explains to Chandler. “Some jackass skipped his shift and ruined everything”.
Thank God Chandler has been giving a false name all these years and he’s not in the hospital records…