From pain to poetry

Do not blame the child inside of you.

Every time that you do, you are doing exactly what society did to you: victim-blaming, abuse, taking advantage of the most vulnerable one. Every time that you judge the voice of your inner child you are following the path of shame instead of the path of compassion, self-governance, and empowerment.

That child needs loving and caring parents to provide not only a safe environment and nourishment to survive ?  but also the inspiration and motivation to play around with confidence, to go out for adventures, to live all the stories that she wants to live and to share them with the world?

You may have been neglected by your parents, so you introjected a harmful behavior towards yourself, and this became a normality in your psyche.

You may have acknowledged this already, resented it, grieved it, and eventually, you ended up forgiving what you need to forgive, but what really brings the final healing and the New You into your life is when you let go of the need to identify yourself with this wounded character, understanding that this child can be reparented in exactly the way she/he needs, by the very same ‘grown-up you’?

What kind of parent do you want to be for your inner artist? What kind of adult are you?

When you deeply realize the pain in your past was just a stage in your life, and that there’s no need to hold onto it anymore, you can actually choose what you want to create from now onwards. You can decide how you want to feel, what you truly want to do, who is it that character that you really want to meet…

When you become willing to invest all your precious energy in helping this child to accomplish her dreams, then and only then, the miracle happens. Then there will be nothing to overanalyzed, no more wounds to heal, no more therapies and rituals to make, no more outer imposed goals to accomplish. Then, you won’t have to do anything else than simply being you. And you will feel absolutely satisfied, rested, blissful and safe on your own skin, as you will understand: you are a creature made from god, nothing can really defeat you ?

*Photo credit: Old shot from 2012, during a hitchhiking vacation on southern Patagonia.