Love over fear

This is a reminder, basically for me. But friends around had told me they found it useful. So here we go…

To make a decision, you need to ask yourself:

1. Is this thought-decision-action coming from love or fear? Always choose love, no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ it may feel to breakthrough it. Know that you know.

2. How am I loving, honouring, and providing myself for what I really need through this thought-decision-action? Always choose what is best for you at the present moment. The more you are healthy and whole, the more you are able to provide for the community, sharing your manifestations from that place. Take full responsibility for yourself in every level (psychic, physical, emotional, mental) instead of projecting, burden or blaming circumstances outside of you.

3. How is this thought-decision-action positively impacting and serving not only myself but the lives of people around me? Think global, act locally. Knowing that there’s no separation, and whatever is good for your neighbour it is also good for yourself, and
vice-versa. This may not seem obvious for the ego, but it is obvious on a wider level for the spirit.

Finally, you can always ask for help and advice, but the responsibility of all your manifestations is fully yours. Respect your No(s) and respect your Yes(s) and apply the same respect to other’s decisions. Honour and be grateful for everything that you have manifested, for good or ‘bad’ (=learning). Check every time if these 3 criteria are positively met. Then it means it’s a good decision, it will have a positive outcome, and you can’t really ‘make a mistake’ with it. Even if it feels like you did, you did not: you are just patiently training yourself in the art of love-based sustainable decision making