It was late at night and I was driving my bike on the road with members of my community. We were on a mission. It had something to do to abolish the old system, and to create something completely new. The circumstances were rough, and we were driving in some sort of dessert or savanna. I felt this anxiety on the air and people started whispering “It’s coming, be careful!”. I also had the exhilarating feeling that something wild is coming.

Suddenly a lion came from the shadows and jumped into the road along with other animals. He run very fast until reaching and entering a moving bus on the right side of the road. The bus was full of passengers and many people got scared. I saw him and I got scared too, but suddenly I saw myself inside the bus trying to shot him with a gun that appeared on my hand. I pointed to his head from behind. He turned his head and he fiercely looked at me. His eyes were on fire. I quickly pulled the trigger between his eyes but it didn’t work. the gun was a useless toy… 

I felt a cold and wet wave of fear travelling my body: ‘I have to face him now and he’s more alive than any other being there´ I thought, and then I realized: I am the lion.

No one to kill.