Devotion I’m a child of the Great Mother, Mother Nature She is the true unconditional one She is the one present now and always She is the one offering me an unconditional home, asking absolutely nothing in return. She’s my strongest foundation. She’s my source of worship, My excuse for devotion, the only reason I’m […]

New Age Advice Era

Be an adult. Be a child Find your own peace of mind Choose your battles to fight Ok, I surrender…   Allow confusion. Align in clarity Aspire for maturity Wake up from illusion Got it (I guess)   Discipline but not repression Sadness and not depression Playful yet alert. Bold yet controlled. Can you make […]

Golden Child

Hey there golden child I got your back. Come back to our heart I’m here for you   Hey there golden child It’s Ok to cry. Just don’t lose your hope in the meantime Trust. It will happen…   Hey there golden child She can’t hurt you anymore Don’t look back, Don’t grow old… Time […]

The Hermit

The courage of my vulnerability The bravery of my heart Doesn’t come from my ego-identity It comes from daring to trust God   A character melts through my tears Goodbye my old companion You dont belong in the next adventure Farewell and gratitude for all the conquered fears   Now, be your own light. It’s […]

Summer sickness anti-poem

When your helmet is purely decorative And your vanity comes before your life When your house smells like cow shit all the time And your morning chai is the best sedative When the summer sun hits hard on your skin Melting any clear thought you have found within And your craving for some sanity to […]

Cannot help breaking up with you

I keep closing the door I keep breaking up with you Over and over, underscored Hoping you’ll finally breakthrough Hear me.   Going around creating a mess You’ll have to solve your shit first. Surviving to tell the story Climbing up from purgatory It’s time.   It is different now I live in my own […]

His grief

You showed me the light in your eyes And yet I could see through your pain But nothing has been in vain, We needed to grieve that goodbye    I helped. That’s what my nature does You didn’t pay me my money back You paid me in lessons instead   It is raining in my […]

Just Sit

Am I crying out of forgiveness Or over its sweetness? Am I crying out of grief Or over hope? Does it even matter at all? I’m just letting the river flow I guess I’m crying because I can trust again And I’ve been longing for this moment For so many years… Nothing else to do. […]

To God

I wrote this poem about a year ago. Today I want to honor the person I was, and celebrate the person I have become, by sharing it here. ? To God Hello. I have a confession… I just want to come back to you. I feel like a fallen angel I don’t want to be […]

Moon Child

I am blood and sky. Heaven and Earth I come from the stars I have no beginning and no end The moon lives on my forehead Where I’m indigo and deep blue. Profound. And so are you I dive into the mystery to find the gems. In the darkness, God appears on her own terms […]