About a Lovership

I don’t want you to love me despite my art and my wildness 

I want you to love me because of it.

Can you handle a free woman?

Are you a secure loving man? Do you have in love a stand?


Would you allow yourself to get inspired by my sensuality, 

instead of feeling threatened by it?

Do you want me for yourself as a trofee to show to the world, 

or are you willing to let your ego truly get burned?


Will you worship my body as a beautiful object, 

or will you make love to my soul because it brings you closer to God?

Are you willing to protect me because you feel I’m yours 

or because I remind you of your own sacredness, as very few have done before?


Is my pleasure yours? 

Has your attachment trauma matured?

Are you rushing to achieve mental goals,

Or relaxing in the journey that in front of us unfolds?


I love every inch of myself. 

I love my darkness too. 

Are you ready to love me in that way?

Are you ready to handle the truth behind our cosmic play?


Here an introduction: I’m intense as the fire

And yet, soft as a spring breeze kissing my paper skin 

Whatever I express, I do it deeply from within. 

The only game I like to play is soul seduction. Shall we begin? Let me give you an induction…


So come and meet me with your open heart and desire,

But do not introduce me to a vibe you cannot maintain. 

I like consistency, 

And I’d discover your game anyway…


I’m not surprised that you want me. 

But I’m only interested if I feel valued.

Your effort is your currency, as my love is my expanding legacy. 

And I’m building my empire.


I dance when I feel sad and I dance to celebrate life. 

I also love to laugh and cry. I sit with my feelings when is time to die, 

Soaking for hours in the ocean is my way of getting high.

I’d need you to share this vibe. It won’t work otherwise…


Also, a healthy warning: I don’t know how to love small.

So if I can’t love you a lot, I can’t love you at all. 

Are you feeling afraid or are you ready to take this call?  

Looking forward to discover you, stranger.

My core gift is helping others to embrace a grounded spirituality, equally loving our divinity and humanity. I give it by helping people to embody their feelings through different art expressions, beauty and creativity, playing with ideas and words as well as movement practices, proving how intensity is the juice of life, and how compassion is the ingredient that will heal humanity.

Valentina B. Sepulveda is young awarded Chilean filmmaker, writer, and dancer, currently living in India.
She graduated from Film Direction and Social Communication at Universidad Católica de Chile in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a writer, director, and editor of documentaries and experimental films. She also worked as a producer and assistant director in fiction pieces, as a producer in Chilemonos International Animation Film Festival, and as a cinema teacher at the same university where she obtained her degrees, before she left her country to join Auroville International Community. From 2018 until the beginning of 2020, she has worked as a video maker, photographer, and writer for different media units, and from the pandemic onwards she has been exploring different expressions, building up her start-up renaissance company, Ineffable Films Lab from where she plays, experiment and produce projects around movement, dance, poetry, photography and film.