To God

I wrote this poem about a year ago. Today I want to honor the person I was, and celebrate the person I have become, by sharing it here.
To God

Hello. I have a confession…
I just want to come back to you.
I feel like a fallen angel
I don’t want to be in danger
Please provide me this concession

And what’s the point of my love,
If it comes along with deep pain?
Is there any escape from this pouring rain?

I’m holding myself to the hope
that the future will bring fresh air
I wanna believe it. But I don’t really know
I only know that the past 30 years I’ve been living in despair

I don’t wanna do it anymore
I’m done with the frustration
Show me the way
Lead me to resurrection

Do it for me.
I don’t trust my own power
Is this the purpose of all? Surrendering my will to yours?

Fuck duality.
I’m tired of my reality
I’m shutting my mind till next season
Wake me up only,
If you find a good reason