It was late at night and I was driving my bike on the road with members of my community. We were on a mission. It had something to do to abolish the old system, and to create something completely new. The circumstances were rough, and we were driving in some sort of dessert or savanna. […]

A cruise called Auroville

I’m on a cruise full of passengers. The landlord of the ship wants me to classify all the garbage for the rest of the passengers because I’m the youngest one on board. He says I’m the chosen one and the best one to distinguish between the blue cellophane and the green cellophane. It supposed to […]

Friends & Whales

Romantic Comedy tone. Chandler and Janice from the sitcom. Chandler has been feeling nostalgic lately so when Janice appears at his workplace to propose him a day trip to an isolated beach, he accepts. He works in a hospital and he’s in the middle of his duty on covid19 crisis, but Janice will get married […]