Stay ¨safe¨

Today, admiring the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky, I received the news that we are going soon into a more strict lockdown. Not that I didn’t care, but I turned my attention towards a sweet and cozy feeling that came along with this reflection:

Primordial safety comes from your faith and trust. It comes from shinning your love, it comes from sharing your light fearlessly. Those who really know what safety feels like are the ones who dare to be who they are despite all boycotting external forces, and from that place, they hold space for others to do the same. The feeling of safety comes from trusting you are being held, unconditionally loved, supported, and accepted by a bigger source than you every single second, and you are completely allowed to rest in that soft place every time you need.
It has nothing really to do with other external forces, ideas, pressures, stories. It is a very intrinsic quality that feels like ever-expanding heaven once you are in touch with it.
It is not meant to be more complicated than that…
embracing existence, realizing yourself in the eyes of the ‘others’ behind all ‘masks’, remembering over and over again until you don’t forget it anymore; until that feeling becomes the base of your entire reality. Then you can help your ‘others’ to overcome their amnesia too…
In the future, we won’t even have to speak about keeping each other ‘safe’ at all. It will be a given…
Some people will find this message beneficial. For others, it will be just annoying. For me, I just find myself coming back to this truth every time my mind and emotions spin around fear-related issues.
Especially in times where massive media owns our narratives,  it is part of our mission to keep reminding ourselves what is the deepest truth beyond the apparent human chaos. Today is this pandemic, tomorrow another thing will appear… The only way out of the drama is to get in touch with a better quality of existence, to simplify ourselves, and to detox mentally, physically, and emotionally from the bunch of crap our human systems are bombarded on a daily basis.
In the meantime, we can go and rest in existence. I’ll sleep in that fluffy cloud tonight.